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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Dialogue from a recent trade show:

Me: Traffic’s not nearly what we were hoping for, huh?

Exhibitor: Yeah, a lot less people. Seems like about a THIRD!

Me: Well, still great to be back at it again. Even with a mask ....

Exhibitor: You're not kiddin'!

Me: Pretty tough being way in the back of the hall.

Exhibitor: Well, Whatcha gonna do? It’s all they had left.

Me: So, how’s the show been for you?

Exhibitor: Oh. FANTASTIC. Having a great time. Met some amazing people…

This was NOT the answer I expected. Why the heck was this guy having such a great time? Was he delusional? Heavily medicated? I had to find out. So, I stepped away from his little pop-up booth and watched him for awhile. And in ten minutes, I knew exactly WHY he was having so much fun and meeting so many ‘amazing people.’

He was smiling. A LOT. And talking to everyone who came by. Small talk. Commenting on shoes, ties, hairstyles, how much free stuff people had accumulated. The 'bling' on their masks. The guy was an ambassador of good will. And it worked. People stopped and chatted. They laughed. And many of them asked HIM what HIS company did.

So, this blog has a very simple point:

When you’re in your booth, SMILE …. a LOT. Chat to people walking by. Don’t worry about selling your stuff. Just talk. And if you’re not in a great mood, then for crying out loud … FAKE IT.

As you see in this picture from a recent trade show, I decided to wear a mask that, while a bit maniacal, definitely got some great reactions ... and more than a few smiles.

(you can find the masks on Amazon by the way...)

So ... try it. SMILE. And if you're wearing a mask. Smile with your eyes. You will feel better. And you’ll have a much better time on the Exhibit Floor, no matter where your booth is. And I can assure you; you will meet some amazing people …

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