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Game Show

We’ve all done the trade show maze: a thousand miles trekking the aisles, booth after booth of logos, of market-speak promises, of impossibly long presentations, bored-looking exhibitors, beautifully designed but empty booths.

The sensory assault can be relentless. Your feet hurt.  You're surrounded by PowerPoint, and your water bottle is empty. Your back hurts. You hear the phrase "end to end enterprise wide solution" for the ten thousandth time and realize language has lost all meaning.

By five o'clock, you're ready to choke yourself with your own lanyard, just to feel something. You know that your potential clients are out there in that wasteland. Somewhere.

You know what they're going through. You have services and solutions they need. You can deal with their pain points. You can solve their problems. But if you're just part of the maze, you might as well be invisible. And invisibility is a waste of your time and your trade show budget. Everybody loses.

You know what's not invisible?

A fired-up crowd of potential clients in your booth shouting out YOUR messaging. Telling YOUR story. Making it memorable. Making it unforgettable.

Why have a Game at a Trade Show?

Games are about winning and competition is about adrenalin. Adrenalin improves focus and both short- and long-term memory. When a lesson comes with a shot of adrenalin, we humans are hard-wired to remember it.

So the audience is motivated to pay attention to your messages. As the game progresses, they get multiple chances to repeat those messages. Repetition means a stickier, more robust memory. And when they answer correctly, they get a prize. Which is one more dose of adrenalin.

That's right: adrenalin is the difference between a giveaway and a prize! A regular giveaway might be forgotten, but a giveaway won through competition? Remembered.

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Recharge Your Booth and Your Audience with Magnet Productions

Our game show formats are a crowd favorite right up to the last show of the last day. That's right: even during those final hours when the maze is just a grid of lonely aisles and your competitions' booths are empty, attendees will come back to your booth time after time.

Our trade show presenters/game show hosts tell us that they often see the same attendees returning multiple times. And it’s not just to win the gift certificate or consumer electronic device. It’s because they remember having a good time. And, by the way, they also remember your story!!

All this means you have multiple opportunities to get your message heard. You get more attendees visiting your demo stations.

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What We Do

Weaving Complex Messages into Clear, Reward-Based Questions

Our game show presenters weave your messaging, however complex it may be, into simple, clear questions. These Q&As are designed not just to inform, but also to entertain. As participants ponder and answer, they are rewarded, reinforcing positive connections with your content.

Turning Giveaways into Memorable Competitions

Most companies offer giveaways of some kind, but a little bribery isn't enough anymore.

If the choice is (1) passively being hit over the head with another sales pitch or (2) a little fun and friendly competition--attendees go for the fun every time. 

That is the essential element of infotainment.


More attendees speaking with your salespeople. More leads to connect with after the show is over. More customers. More business. THAT’S ROI. And that’s how everybody wins!

Transform Your Booth from Invisible to In-Demand—Contact Us Today!

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