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Trade Show
Escape Artist

Trade show zombies--you know the look. By day two, the aisles are filled with them. People with glassy eyes, shuffling aimlessly on the thin carpet, their shoulders sagging as they drag their backpacks behind them.

It's called overstimulation. The brain is overwhelmed with incoming data--flashy animations, logos, jargon, loud music, and the constant carnival barking of presenters. They're looking for services and solutions. They're looking for YOU. But there's not enough coffee to cut through the brain fog.

Why Use An Escape Artist At A Trade Show?

If your booth looks like every other booth, your audience won't see you. If you want to cut through the fog and get their attention, you need to give them a visual they won't see anywhere else.

We have a suggestion.

How about a middle-management type in a straitjacket on top of a six-foot unicycle?

First of all, it's a delightful sight. Who doesn't want to see management in a straitjacket? A little schadenfreude just warms the soul, doesn't it? 

Of course, the trussed-up man riding the unicycle isn't really management. Management would say that's what interns and temps are for. And then HR would get involved and it would be a whole thing. Nobody wants that. That's why you hire a professional presenter from Magnet.

The Art of Attention

Some people think the idea of an escape artist at a trade show trivializes their message.

"We're a serious company with a serious mission, we don't need so-called infotainment to get our point across."

What those people don't realize is that serious intentions and serious products aren't enough to stand out. On any trade show floor, their serious company is surrounded by a hundred other serious competitors whose messaging and vision look just the same, a blur of "enterprise-wide end-to-end solutions."

No wonder attendees turn into dead-eyed zombies. 

Competitive Advantage

Be smart with your tradeshow budget. Make it easy for potential clients to find you. Make it easy for them to remember you. Wow them with our escape artist and watch your audience's excitement turn into more leads, more return visits, and more sales!

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What We Offer

Your Brand's Ambassador on Wheels

Like all our presenters, our escape artist makes sure he understands the technology and the meaning behind your message. His presentation is so seamless that audiences regularly assume he works for the company.

Bridging Expertise and Excitement

As business metaphors go, a straitjacket on a unicycle is hard to beat. Everyone knows THAT feeling. Stuck in a precarious situation, the clock is ticking, and the consequences are gonna hurt? It's a physical metaphor they'll feel in their gut, making your message resonate far beyond the convention center.

The Balancing Act of Business: A Spectacular Spin on Strategy

There's nothing like some second-hand adrenalin to break the spell of trade show zombiefication.  After all, this isn't an empty suit reading a PowerPoint slide. This presenter is so committed that he's apparently willing to risk his life by escaping from a straitjacket while riding a 6-foot unicycle to tell the world about your services and solutions.


Is the audience going to walk away? Not a chance.
Are they going to remember your message? Absolutely!

So Don't Just Exhibit—Excite! Book Our Escape Artist and Break Free from the Ordinary!

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