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Other Services

What else we do...

Auctions, Music Videos, Commercials ... if you want it, we'll create it.


Our auctioneers have decades of experience with major corporations and foundations.  We can help you choose auction items, develop a script, use 'boosters' to increase giving, and bring energy, warmth and humor to the stage.

Sales & Presentation Training

Ready to turn America’s number-one fear into your standout skill? Our dynamic presenter coaching will help you shape and deliver your speech and slides with clarity, confidence and credibility, so your message makes a much bigger impact.

Guest Speaker

Professional Emcees

Personifying your company brand and values, making your executives shine with impactful interviews and introductions, engaging with your audience, keeping the meeting moving--our professional hosts will deliver all of that and more.

Custom Music Videos

Sometimes the best way to get an audience's attention is to 'rock their socks off.'  Our musicians and production team can put together a fully produced music video with the lyrics customized to tell your story (with a backbeat.)

Cribl Band - 3 Kens.jpeg
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Commercial Production

After the Superbowl, people often spend more time reflecting on their favorite commercials than they do on the game. Our team of writers and producers can take your messaging and spin it into an hysterical and content-rich spot, that can be the entertaining break you need during your online meeting or event.

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