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At Magnet Productions, we believe that ANYTHING that needs to be communicated is best done by making the material enjoyable and entertaining to the viewer.

We use infotainment as a fundamental strategy in all of our approaches to trade show marketing.


What is ‘infotainment’?

The simplest definition is this. “Material intended to both entertain and inform.”

While this is true, we believe that ANYTHING that needs to be communicated is best done by making the material enjoyable and entertaining to the viewer.

This is why it’s a fundamental strategy in Magnet’s approach to trade show marketing.

Our goal with infotainment is consistent with our larger view of trade show marketing:

  • To draw huge crowds of attendees to your booth. 

  • To tell your story and make people remember it. 

  • To compel attendees to approach your people to get more information about yourservices.

  • To get you more Qualified Leads than you’ve ever gotten before.

Our Strategic Approach

When you work with Magnet Productions, the first questions we ask are,

“What do you want to achieve at this trade show?”

“Are you looking for huge crowds in your booth?”

“Do you want brand recognition and awareness?

“Do you want your messaging, your story, communicated in a clear and memorable way?

“Do you want a record number of badge scans or leads?”

“Would you prefer a smaller number of QUALIFIED leads?”

“After the show is over, do you want people to not only remember your company name, but your messaging?​

Regardless of your specific goals, we can provide the results you’re looking for.

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Image by Helena Lopes

What We Offer

For over 25 years, we’ve provided the following types of infotainment

Using customized illusions, our professional magicians attract huge crowds and use their skills to underscore your specific products and solutions.

Does much more than impress the trade show attendees with his or her incredible skills, but USES this display to talk about your customer’s challenges and difficulties and how YOUR technology can and will eliminate those Problems.

Convinces the audience that he knows precisely what they’re thinking at any moment and can predict their next course of action. I’m sure you can imagine what a powerful way this would be to communicate your message.

​(BTW, it can be a perfect way to talk about things like ‘predictive analytics.’)

That’s right! One who breaks free of a straitjacket while riding a unicycle. And all the while, delivering a compelling and detailed presentation on your product and services. Seeing is believing, and we have video to share.

Where everyone in your audience is an enthusiastic participant and where ALL the questions and answers are about your product or service.

​(We offer a variety of games that don’t require anything more than a phone to participate.)

I’m sure you’re asking yourself. “How can this be infotainment?”​ The answer is simple.

It’s because we don’t put an automaton in your booth with a 200-slide PowerPoint deck, offering pithy comments like, “We provide a 24 by 7, mission-critical, paradigm-shifting solution to enable cross-platform deliverables."


Instead, we tell your story in plain, entertaining, and engaging language.


Why Use Infotainment?

​We don’t believe that a list of speeds and feeds, or a staged reading of a marketing white paper will accomplish your marketing goals. In our presentations, we want to create a dialogue with your audience. We will ask them questions and really listen to their answers.

THEN, when the formal presentation is over, they feel compelled to approach your sales people to find the solutions they need.

Please feel free to contact us. We’d love to brainstorm with you.

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