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Trade Show Juggler

At any trade show, attendees are bombarded from every direction with visual demands for their attention. Flashy animated logos, snorefest Powerpoints, gargantuan video walls…

How do you compete with a maze of endless screens? 

What We Do

Engage: Real Props, Real Stakes

By the end of Day 2, even the presenters can seem a little “virtual”. They recite the same speeches over and over, with the same expressions, the same inflections, like an AI avatar on repeat.

How do you stand out? By showing your audience something real.

Whether the presenter is juggling balls, clubs, or even machetes, there is no doubt that the props are real. And there’s something at stake because gravity is real too. Everyone recognizes the feeling of having problem after problem flying in their direction.

So you've got their curiosity. How do you keep their attention? 

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Image by Yi Liu

Entertain: Storytelling with Substance

With your story. Any storyteller knows that a story is memorable for the way it makes you feel.  Your audience is the main character in your story. They don't want to be lectured to with marketing messages. They want to experience something.

And they want to believe that in addition to you entertaining them, that you really do understand their business, and more importantly, know the challenges they’re facing. That you really do feel their pain.

Enlighten:  Make an Impact

Say, for example, our presenter passes out four clubs to your audience with the instructions to throw them back on cue. Each club can represent a different challenge.

When those clubs are thrown back to a presenter, who juggles all four of them effortlessly, that feeling of triumph is contagious. The audience has a visceral feeling that they can meet their challenges thanks to your solutions.

Or what if there are two presenters who juggle with each other? What if they pass clubs around an audience volunteer? The rest of the audience cannot look away. Maybe they're relieved they didn't volunteer. Maybe they're envious and wish they were on stage.

Either way, they can't help but experience the feeling of being in the spotlight surrounded by flying problems. This second-hand discomfort gives your audience a thrill that puts them squarely on your side. What seems to be chaos is revealed to be manageable.

​So when the presenters describe your solutions and everyone takes a bow, the audience remembers your messages along with that feeling of satisfaction.

Magnet Productions

The Magnet Productions Difference

Masters of the Message

Our presenters don't just juggle. They work hard to understand the meaning behind the messaging, the technology behind the talk-talk. When our presenters tell your story, we regularly get the comment: “I thought they just found some incredible product specialists who also happened to know how to juggle!”

Infotainment with Purpose

As trade show jugglers, we understand that we are not at the trade show to get the attendees to focus on us. To simply be impressed by our ability to pass clubs, to juggle balls, to ride a unicycle. They are there to get information. They are at the show to have their problems solved. This is why whatever we do as infotainers, our formula is 20% entertainment and an 80% focus on your story. On your messaging.

Entertain to Retain

The competition for attention is fierce. If the idea of juggling seems frivolous, ask yourself this: How many PowerPoint presentations do you remember from your last trade show?


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