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A Tip For Exhibitors: Don’t Go To Your Next Trade Show

That’s right. Don’t Go.

  • Don’t go if you’d rather be anywhere else.

  • Don’t go if you don’t like people.

  • Don’t go if you don’t like a LOT of people.

  • Don’t go if you can’t handle the idea that these people won’t want to talk to you.

  • Don’t go if you’re not passionate about your product, your service or your solutions.

  • Don’t go if you’re thinking of it as a break from ‘real work.’

  • Don’t go if you can’t STAND for eight hours at a time.

  • Don’t go if smiling all day makes your face hurt.

  • Don’t go if your favorite sound is that of your own voice.

  • Don’t go if you LOVE garlic and HATE breath mints.

  • Don’t go if your phone is surgically attached to your ear.

  • Don’t go if you’re not good at listening.

  • Don’t go if personal hygiene is something you rarely consider.

  • Don’t go if you HATE waiting in long lines … for damn near everything.

  • Don’t go if “partying till dawn” is your primary skill set.

In short, DON’T GO unless you’re willing to be an ambassador for your company … at all times. Everything you do on a trade show floor, and I mean EVERYTHING, is a reflection on your organization and your brand.

Sometimes you’re doing yourself and everyone else a favor by staying home.

* Feel like adding to our “Don’t Go” list? Be my guest. I’m sure it’s far from complete …


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