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If You’ve Got the Right Ingredients, Your Next Trade Show Presentation Can Be Delicious

A number of years ago, I had the pleasure of spending the better part of a month in Tuscany; hiking, biking … and eating. I have always been wild about Tuscan cuisine, and on this trip, I wanted to learn the secret. So, enrolling in a two-week cooking class, I set my sights on finding out if I could recreate the mouth-watering joy of this food, in my San Francisco kitchen.

Turns out, I could! And the secret? Simplicity.

What I found out in that cooking class (aside from realizing I needed to learn a LOT more Italian) is how phenomenal something uncomplicated can be. Many Tuscan meals contain one primary ingredient, a single spice, and a sauce or dressing made from a fruit or vegetable plucked from the garden just outside the kitchen window. It’s all about the quality of the

ingredients and preparation that takes full advantage of that quality.

Simple is tasty. Simple is beautiful. And simple is memorable.

One afternoon, I took a hike in the Chianti region, and on a return leg from Volpaia to Radda, reflecting on yet another incredible Tuscan meal, I found myself thinking about trade shows. (OK, it only lasted for about five seconds, but still ...) What came to mind was a desire to bring the notion of simple and delicious dining to our trade show menu of services.

Ninety-five percent of the time, trade show presentations are not only too long, but they are way too complicated. Granted, the technology may be complex and multi-layered, but the story doesn't have to be. It should be simple, and ideally, bite-sized. And, consist of no more than three high-quality ingredients.

In trade show terms, that’d be three SPECIFIC solutions that solve your customer’s most pressing problems. And solves them in a way nobody else does!

Identifying your customer’s ‘pain points,’ showing that you understand them, displaying empathy; that’s the appetizer. Providing a ‘fix’ for those problems; THAT is your main course.

So … at your next trade show, find the best ingredients you can and whip up something delicious, digestible, and memorable. Leave your audience wanting more. Have them BEG you for dessert. And let that be served up by your product specialists at your demo areas. (Oh, and make sure THEY keep it simple, too!)

We promise: Your attendees will shout, “Grazie Mille!”


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