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Lead Generation

Are you tired of going back to your office with a paltry 200 leads from your last trade show? How would you feel about 2,000? How about 20,000?! Well, we have just what you’re looking for! That’s right, the SCAN-EM-ALL 450 … the last word in Lead Generation!

Just walk onto the trade show floor, raise the Scan-Em-All over your head, press the green button and in as little as 30 seconds, you have captured every attendee on the trade show floor. It even works through bathroom doors!

The SCAN-EM-ALL 450. If it has a pulse. We’ll scan it!

Which brings me to the key question: And it’s a question that EVERY trade show exhibitor should ask themselves whenever they decide to exhibit at a trade show:

What is my metric for success?

By some companies’ current metrics, the Scan-Em-All 450 would guarantee you the most successful trade show ever! 45,274 attendees? No problem. You leave with 45,274 leads. You’re a hero !!

But what happens when those ‘leads’ are put into the pipeline? What happens when your regional sales reps start making contact with them? The response often goes something like this:

“I’m sorry, WHO is this? What do you …. ? Uh … Ohhh right. Yeah, you guys were giving away those flying, screaming, monkeys, right? Thanks. My dog LOVED that thing ….”

Qualified Lead? Not really!

At Magnet Productions, we know the difference between Badge Scans, Leads Qualified Leads and HOT leads. And those are important distinctions.

We believe that an Exhibitor’s approach to lead generation should be multi-tiered. Sure, it’s great to leave the show with three or four thousand badge scans. But among those scans, should also be attendees that viewed a demo, who expressed REAL interest in your product or service, who might be a ‘decision maker,’ and who might be ready to purchase … NOW.

So how do you create Lead Generation that makes sense? Leads who might actually turn into CUSTOMERS …

Here’s a few ideas:

Give your booth staff support people … crowd gatherers … badge scanners different objectives. Perhaps one of them is dedicated to helping fill the theater/presentation area. His/Her task would be to simply scan everyone who attends. Then, have another support person use a scanner that includes a few simple qualifying questions.

Provide an additional incentive, (a small gift) to encourage attendees to visit a demo station after the formal presentation. Have someone stationed there to do a bit more ‘qualifying’ and enter that information on THEIR Lead Generation device.

Plan a series of one-on-one meet-ups with key prospects. Reach out to them prior to the show and schedule a 30 minute slot. This can be done in your trade show booth, if you have a dedicated meeting room. Or it can be done in a meeting area somewhere else on the trade show floor. Create incentive by offering your key prospects a gift if they commit to and schedule a meeting. (Magnet can help you every step of the way with this! We’ve done it very successfully in the past.)

Use Social Media prior to the show. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook can all be powerful trade show marketing tools. Encourage attendees to stop by the booth, visit a demo station and say something like, ‘“Twitter Sent Me” and then have a gift for them.

Work with a third-party lead generation services provider.

Please CONTACT US to get more information on this. We are now partnering with someone offering an amazingly effective solution.


Schedule a Booth Staff Training Program with Magnet Productions

We have decades of experience in working with booth staff personnel. We can help your team learn the best way to engage with the trade show crowd. How to approach a trade show attendee. How to ask the RIGHT qualifying questions. The most effective way to schedule a follow-up phone call or meeting. (For a taste of how effective this program can be, please CLICK HERE and request our “Top Five Ways To Turbocharge Your Booth Staff”

So, as you can see, we have more than a little to say about Lead Generation Services. We encourage you to reach out to us at Magnet Productions. We’d be more than happy to brainstorm some ideas for your next show.


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