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Other Services

Professional Presenters

Do you have your script ready to go, but would like it delivered by a professional trade show presenter who can captivate a crowd?

Our presenters will convince you and the attendees that they are part of your company.

They will engage your audience, ask qualifying questions, and when the presentation is done, they will help drive traffic INTO your booth and to the waiting arms of your sales team.

Image by Martin Adams

Trade Show Scripting

Do you need help focusing on and crafting your message?

Finding just the right way to make your story ‘sticky?’ Perhaps finessing the language to make it more conversational and less like a staged reading of a marketing white paper?

Magnet has professional scriptwriters who will do just that. We will work on it until you and your team are thrilled.

Trade Show Infotainment

Infotainment. It’s a word that’s only been around since the 1980’s, but it’s an idea that’s timeless.

Information & Entertainment are an unbeatable combination at trade shows. Imagine a professional presenter using trade show magic to communicate your message and make it memorable. Picture a psychologist counseling your attendees on how to cope with their “security” issues. (Of course, your technology is the ‘cure.’)

Imagine a game show host offering a prize to the attendee who can prove they best understand your message. There are endless ways to combine entertainment and information. Let us brainstorm some new infotainment trade show ideas for you.

Trade Show Conference

Booth Staff Support

Are you looking for additional staff people?

Professional crowd gatherers who will engage your audience throughout the show, deliver a short ‘elevator-pitch,’ ask qualifying questions, scan badges and encourage attendees to come into your booth, watch a demo, or speak with your product people?

We have Booth Staff Support people located in every city in the US as well as Internationally. They can be a critical part of your Trade Show Marketing strategy.

Booth Staff Training

Do you want to get the most out of your booth staff?

We offer a variety of training programs that will teach your people how to approach attendees, how to ask the right questions, how to keep them interested.

We will help you eliminate bad booth behavior and turn your people into a Trade Show Marketing Machine.

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