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You see them at virtually every trade show. Working at the edge of a trade show booth, wandering the aisles, scanning badges, handing out lead cards, handing out t-shirts, thumb drives, or other trade show swag, encouraging attendees to have a seat in the presentation area, escorting attendees to the demo kiosks, asking qualifying questions.
They are referred to as Booth Hostesses, Crowd Gatherers, Badge Scanners, Lead Generators, Greeters, Crowd Pullers, Crowd-Attractors, Trade Show Models, Promotional Models, Brand Ambassadors. And yes, sadly, they are still occasionally referred to as Booth Babes, Booth Bunnies, and other terms which, rest assured, are not in our lexicon.

Magnet provided Trade Show Booth Staffing Services for our client, Cisco Systems at the GISEC show in Dubai. Cisco got more qualified leads than at ANY previous show.

At Magnet Productions, our approach to trade show booth staffing is to think of these folks as your ‘front line.’   As key players on your trade show marketing team.   A crowd gatherer will likely be the FIRST person that a trade show attendee will engage with when they stop by your booth. They should be thought of as critical to your trade show marketing strategy.

Indeed, by using Magnet’s trade show booth staffing services, YOUR sales people can focus on what they do best … turning trade show attendees into customers!

A Crowd Gatherer is at the trade show to support YOUR efforts, to help build YOUR brand. And they can easily double or triple the amount of traffic that finds its way into your booth.

And at Magnet Productions, you’ll be sure that you’re working with the best booth staff support people in the industry.  Why? Because we go through a qualification process that ensures that you get someone with the right blend of appearance, personality, intelligence, and energy.  And someone with years of experience!

When you’re looking for trade show booth staffing, here are a few important questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Are they Intelligent?

  • Are they well-spoken?

  • Are they engaging, effusive, charming?

  • Are they attractive? And this is more than just ‘looks.’ Do they have a personality that attracts?

  • Are they willing to approach people non-stop for the duration of the show?

  • Will their energy be the same at 3pm on the last day as it was at 10am on the first day?

  • Can they handle receiving systematic rejection over and over and over? This is a trade show reality.

  • Are they able to convincingly deliver a quick 30 second ‘elevator pitch’?

The Trade Show Hostesses (and Hosts) at Magnet Productions satisfy ALL of these criteria and more.

Here are a few comments we have heard from clients that have used our trade show booth staffing services: 

“Before we started working with Magnet, we would never even CONSIDER using a crowd gatherer. Our management team was dead set against it. Several years ago, at one of our largest trade shows, we were having a very difficult time getting attendees to attend our theater presentation. Ken was at the show, and offered us one crowd gatherer for the day. He said, “Please just try using one of our people. If it doesn’t have a measurable impact on your audience size … if you aren’t 100% thrilled with the results, there will be no charge.” Within ten minutes of having Audrey at our booth, we had a packed theater and it remained that way for the three days of the show.”

“We have got a great team of people. They’re brilliant and really know how to talk about our technology. BUT, they are not particularly adept at approaching people. In fact, most of them are terrified. Using Magnet Productions’ trade show booth staffing services has made all the difference for us. They keep OUR people busy doing demos and ‘talking tech,’ all day long. We will never do a show without Magnet.”

“I’ll be honest … NOBODY on our team likes to scan badges. Actually, we all kinda hate it. It’s good to know that we have someone focusing on that job … getting scans … getting answers to some qualifying questions … letting us go back to our office with a ton of qualified leads. Magnet makes this process really easy for us.” 

If you’d like to see some sample pictures and resumes of our professional trade show booth staffing team or you’d like to chat with us and let us brainstorm some ways to support your efforts at your next trade show, please reach out to us.

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